Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday ....

It's been a super busy Saturday ... two sales, the Nutcracker, the new shop.  I'm spent but didn't sleep much last night.  Stayed up till 4AM to watch the American Masters on Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary of being a band.  The first time I went to see them I had an infant under 1 and the second time I was pregnant with my second.  The second time was 11th row and everyone was nervous about people moshing on me with a fetus in utero (I wonder what Cobain would be doing if he was alive).

The Nutcracker performance tonight was lovely.  Hannah is certainly amazing -- but it is not good to brag about ones own child too much.  There were some three year olds that slayed of course, they always do.  Matinee tomorrow.

Just came in from soaking outside.   Cold -- about 35 degrees but the water was up to 105 by the time I got home from the performance and the night so bright and blue -- that sort of mother's milk blue spilling all over the yard.

I've got nothing to complain or whine about this evening.  Tonight ...let's just dance and kiss under the Blue Moon.

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