Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay I'll Try

I follow a blog called Cafe Selavy. He is a friend. I suppose I can call him that though I only know him through his blog. Is that odd? I don't know the whole blog thing is odd to me. I'm so late in arriving to the whole scene. I am out of touch with it all.

Cafe Selavy he posts every day and he's a very good writer. He wants to be known for his photographs though, I think.

Anyway, I'm going to try to write stuff here. Though I don't really know why. Here is the link to Cafe Selavy. He's better at this than I am. A million times.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NaPoMo April 2010

Well... it has been nearly one year since I last posted anything here. And nearly that long since I've poemed. I'm going to try NaPoMo again this year.

I think I have a book in the works. This is exciting and frightful news isn't it? More on that another time. The only reason I mention it in this post is because many of the poem in the "I think I may have a book in the works book" were penned during NaPoMo 2008 and so it seems like I should push through another year.

I didn't have the same results with 2009 -- though one or two poems do rear up in the manuscript.

So I will post them here and hope that something good will come from the exercise. I do know I'm a junky for the whole "group write through the month" thing. There is something communal about sharing 30 days of poems with a group of people doing the same thing. There is a camaraderie about the experience -- like a Habitat for Humanity building trip or something.