Monday, December 12, 2011


Do you know Anselm Kiefer?  I didn't (until I read this article on huff post this morning).  So much I don't know.  It is a prideful thing -- to think one "knows" a lot.  I want to know a lot.    

Europe is another planet isn't it?  Like Asia.  Australia doesn't seem so other worldly though.  Perhaps it is the barrier of language.  I don't know.

At one time in my life I investigated purchasing a light house.  I got the list of the light houses for sale east of the Mississippi.  I got the bid forms.  I was going to apply as an educational organization.  I dreamed I could some how combine my love of the sea with my passion for poetry in some tangible way.  It would be a place poets could come and stay -- have sabbaticals.  Or something.  I realized when trying to fill out the proposal forms I hadn't really given it enough thought.   I couldn't explain to the government why I should have a lighthouse for poetic reasons.

I gave up that dream when I realized my corporate job wasn't going to let me "hit it big." When a giant deal I was working on with a company focused on usury didn't come to fruition after almost a full year of being tethered to that hope -- I quit that rat race shortly after that.  Well after going almost broke because I had put all my eggs in that basket I guess.  I am one of the most hopeful folks on the planet I'm sure.  I can see hope in the blackest of despair.  Until I fall in of course.

A Libra should not allow themselves to suffer such highs and lows.  "Grab the balance stick in front of you and hold on..." a Yogi who I studied with for over a year taught me.

Is this post swinging all over the map?  I am an expert in that type of writing,   I think.

Monday's are my weekends.  Today I will do many mundane things.  Grocery shop, clean, go to the post office.  I will also find a few minutes to go to the local thrift stores and dig for treasures.  Tonight Hannah and I will get a Christmas tree.  I tried to talk her into a beautiful artificial one -- she said no.  The Black Swan had a very successful weekend of the Nutcracker.  I can't believe how she is progressing.  Her boyfriend attend the same show as I did -- he picked her up and swung her around when she came flitting out in her last costume.  I was standing there with two bouquets of flowers and she told me to "go away now...".   Motherhood.  One must be awful tough to endeavor that occupation that's for sure.

Where was I?  Oh oh oh...

Anselm Kiefer.  "Art is difficult, it is not entertainment."

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