Friday, December 2, 2011

I've been an awful blogger.  Blogging is dead isn't it?  Fitting I feel spurred to start.  Of course I'll fail because right now it feels like a good idea.   I'll cringe at the thought of writing this.

It is because of this guy  He writes every day. Actually it is because of someone who referred me to cafe selavy if I'm truthful.   Both of those people are probably geniuses.  I'm a dolt who loves geniuses.  I never graduated from college.  I quit after getting into a philosophical argument with a English professor.  He was a dolt.  Well, at least I thought so at the time.  I broke everyone's heart "Lisa the Smart One" failed miserably in academia.  Ah well.  That's another story for another time.

But I've always loved words --and books.  and Music.   and Geniuses.  and that has led to a fairly interesting life I suppose.  Where was this post going?

I was so sure of something I wanted to say after my morning dance to the Jackson Five and KC and the Sunshine Band -- I said in my head "I should blog this...."  and now it's gone.

It was something about Words.  or Boys probably.  or Books.  or Music.  Blogging can have a tree/branch-like effect.  You read someone's blog and then the comments on the post and then you go read the commentators blogs and possibly get hooked on reading and commenting on them.  Perhaps it is a different version of that thing called Facebook.   Is anything here worthwhile of this space I'm taking up in cyber land?  I haven't an effing clue.

Today is the grand opening of a new little store I've opened with a good friend.  if you care to have a look (or not).   Why not self-promote eh?  Isn't that what part of the blogosphere is about?  Help me here.

Okay.  What I wanted to say slipped away just like the mercury that breaks from a thermometer and wiggles away when you try to touch it as a kid (not knowing it is deadly to your insides).

Read cafe selavy and the people who comment on him.  They all seem like very interesting folks who I'd like to sit around and talk to about "stuff."

Until tomorrow.... 

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