Saturday, December 3, 2011

Excessive indulgence of one's own appetites and desires.

I'm thinking about Galway Kinnell's poem " when one has lived a long time alone" this morning.  Well actually, I'm thinking about a star fish sky which made me think of a Galway Kinnell poem and then about "When one has lived a long time alone."  I remember the person who told me so long ago that it was his favorite poem.  I wonder how he is doing, that person.  I lost touch with him.  I liked him.  It's too bad.     There are other Galway Kinnell poems better I think.  There's the one about old Providence and the factories or even another popular one about footsteps after making love.

My Professor always says that Kinnell was "too wordy."  He's very critical about poems.  Sometimes so critical I feel can't share mine with him anymore.  Not that I write many poems anymore.  I do have to write one for the upcoming Mutual Muse exhibit.  The painting I was assigned is kind of cool this year.  I hope I can do the painting some honor.  I think I'll read some Frank O'Hara, he always helps.

I think I would have loved him.  Both Frank O'Hara and the person I lost touch with.  That's a problem for me.   I fall in love too easily.  Good thing the Greeks have like 100 kinds of love.  Okay maybe just five.  I've always loved the word agape.  Maybe that will be the title of the poem I need to write.

My neighbor said he saw the fox last night -- I need to get outside more.  I miss it.  Tonight I will take the flashlight to the trail and look for owls.  Maybe, we have another night of open house at the shop tonight.  And I'll probably be too tired or buzzed from the champagne we have to drink.

Tomorrow I promise to write about you not me.  This has been incredibly self indulgent.  And boring.

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