Thursday, April 8, 2010

National Poetry Month -- Poem a Day etc. Con't

Something wrong with my laptop -- bummer, won't load my blog.  Plus my e key is gone.  Amazing how many words with eees in them.

I'm writing a poem a day and contemplating if I should post them here or not.  So far it is a not.  There is something comforting about only sharing them with the small group.  Maybe something will come of these poems.  Last years batch wasn't so good but the year before produced much of the work included in my upcoming book which I really need to get back to for the second editing process.  The publisher is waiting.  I'm probably delaying on purpose.

Tomorrow maybe I'll write something about you.  I'm not good at this stuff.

Here is my friend Bohb.  He's an artist:

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BG Dodson said...

grin, I think you ARE delaying.

"Ooooooo! Look! The Circus!"

Thank you.