Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them. Baruch Spinoza

How come Herman Cain had to suspend his presidential campaign and Newt Gingerich is surging?

Newt has a history of extra-marital affairs doesn't he?  Is it because Newt hasn't hid the fact that he's an asshole and Cain has done everything possible to hide the fact he is (poorly in my opinion).  Is it because Cain sometimes looks like a black pimp ?  C'mon you know when he wears those hats you are thinking the same thing.

I don't really give a crap what people do inside their own relationships and/or marriages -- that has nothing to do with me.  Remember Clinton?  and the Cigar?  Christ, how did he ever actually survive that --  was it really the "economy stupid."   Hilary survived too.  What makes their relationship work is their own brand of juice.

But what does all this hypocrisy say about us?  Americans that is.  Why is religion so much a part of our political landscape?  And yet the basic teachings of Jesus are not?

We give millions of dollars to other countries for aid and yet 50% of us have no problem our neighbor is going to lose their house because her kid got sick and the family has no health insurance.    We  are totally cool with paying physicians $500,000 a year but believe teachers who make 35-50K teaching children how to read shouldn't have a say in their contracts.  

I know, I know I'm not making any earth shattering points here.

But really, who are we?

As a Libra (no chuckling there), justice is always ever present in my thoughts.  What is the modern definition of justice?  How does justice and equality work in our current society?

It gets dark real early these days, I'm pulling some philosophy books off the shelf, it has been too long since I've read Spinoza.  

 Sacred & Profane Love, Titian 

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