Sunday, April 4, 2010

National Poetry Month -- Poem a Day etc.

Well I am writing -- my lap top seems to have a bug.  Blogger doesn't load -- it says it is going to but then I get a blank screen.  So I'm on an old mac-mini desk top.  How strange.

Easter Sunday.  I do love all the symbolism of Easter -- Pesakah -- all the pre-Christian paganism and Jewish ties to the fertility season.  I saw a photo on MSNBC of young boys throwing water on young girls in Hungary -- they were dressed in their traditional folk costumes.  It was a pre-Christian tradition.  Of course it has to do with fertility.

Americans don't really have that sort of stuff.  We have other things though -- like Peeps.  If I get anything written worthy of sharing with you, I will.  As of now, it is mostly bad.

Happy Eastertide.

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