Friday, January 25, 2008

Theater of the Absurd, excerpt of an interview with Allusion Ferlinghetti

I remember chicken white hair 

and visiting Denise Foti's Grandma Zayack 
in the Polish section of Paterson 
after her allergy shots 
Denise couldn't drink milk or eat chocolate 
and her Grandmother's eyes shot blue lasers 
that cut right through my brain
and read my thoughts 
about how dirty the streets looked there 
compared to home

Those eyes made me embarrassed for thinking 

We weren't born when the Doctor became a poet
but Denise had an operation in his hospital 

On that rain-glazed Florida road 
thirty years later 
not even his wheelbarrow couldn't save her 

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ca ne fait rien said...

You know this is a million miles from me in space yet it is as familiar as the chain around my neck.