Thursday, January 24, 2008

Triviality Dada, Theater of the Absurd, cast of the Present

Yesterday, it rained 
and because it rained, I thought of you

I was thinking about you 
thinking about me 

because I'm beautiful.  And smart.  

I don't shit 
I don't even fart.  And if I did
it would smell like the most exotic dew drenched yellow flower. 

Do my perky breasts keep you in 
a feverish state?
O poor soggy middle aged mothers
whose tits have been sucked
unto despair
I understand
that you desire

to be me.

I understand because I'm intelligent.  
and beautiful. 

during the cold 
rain that pissed on the world 
in between licking envelopes 
for the most successful candidate
and after a few risky fucks with a stranger 

I thought about 

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