Friday, January 25, 2008


Theater of the Absurd, the absent cast, Part 1

half the story of Little Johnny Shakspar.

but don't mention his name 
where the angry river rises
each morning
leaves a pock marked pestilence
the fresh stench of breathing letters 
cleansed of death
sanitized and safe for the masses to embrace 

the Director fears Johnny's history 
the boy and his words are too dangerous 
since the bourgeois enacted 
their Perfect scene 

a knife on the screen scrapes the wheelbarrow's red paint
the flakes windmill and slice
“Tommy can you hear me?” 
Johnny cries from the balcony 

1 comment:

BG Dodson said...

This has much emotion contained -- anger at censorship...dismay at the polishing of art until it gleams featureless and polished to a common gloss for each and every viewer -- the loss of the mystery of creativity due to the boundries of understanding.

As the population becomes far more 'simple'..more postmodern...the more the boundries close.

Fortunately there is always..always..a tide that rebuffs the popular and shall slowly fill the void.