Monday, February 13, 2012


I received a lovely email from a poet yesterday -- he was telling of his book coming out.  I interacted with him on a poetry forum -- he is one of my most favorite poets writing now.  I'm looking forward to his book.  I have always loved being responsible for poem.  It is a selfish thing to want to be a muse I'm sure  but I relish it.  I admit it.  Anyway, he's sending me a signed copy of the book for free but I will purchase a few to give as gifts anyway.


Since I hardly stop in any more, I want to only announce it to "fans"--and you were very instrumental in inspiring/critting a lot of my work posted at the Gaz.

E.g., the new book has three "Box poems" in it which were largely inspired by your comparison of a lot of my stuff to cornell's boxes.

Anyway, the book is out for pre-order (its official release date in March 20):

Best (hope you're still here!),

R L Swihart

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