Wednesday, February 8, 2012

cutting edge

When I was in high school through my very early 20's I was in love with someone who had been at various times the boyfriend of one of my best friends and later engaged to his college sweetheart.  We slept together more than just a few times.  We went to bars to NYC to concerts etc.  I thought he would eventually come to his senses and realize how much I loved him and how very compatible we were -- but alas.

In any case, one of the things we used to do was fuck and then watch David Letterman.  This was when Letterman was on at 12.  This was a very long time ago. 

But David hasn't lost his edge I swear.  Just when I think "shit we're ancient" -- he goes and pull something like this out of his ass.

I think I will write my old best friend with benefits to see if he caught the show too.

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