Monday, February 6, 2012

The Descendants

Most people don't know this about me, I'm a football addict.  I mean -- I have New England Patriots licence plates and car mats.  I know more about football stats, players, records etc. then most males in any room during football season.  The addiction was born and fed by growing up in a family of all boys and my father taking us to  many many Giants games.  During high school I often was on the field as a statistician -- and responsible for calling in the numbers to the local paper.  My family hates to have me in the room when the game is on.  It is not good.

When I moved to New England, Bill Parcells came to town and it was a rather easy switch to the Pats from the Giants.  He is after all a football genius.  When the Pats lost "The Game that shall not be mentioned" I went into a depression that lasted for months.  I told off my sister in law when she called me to gloat -- using profanities.  I swore off football but alas, it didn't work.

Last night, instead of watching the Super Bowl, in which my beloved Patriots were participating, I went to the movies.  Hannah looked at me like I had finally REALLY lost my mind.  "You are the biggest Patriot fan in the world, Mom, what are you talking about going to the movies???"

Off I went, by myself to the movies.  It might not have helped too much.  I went to see the Descendants.  I was surprised there were 3 other people in the theater here in Patriot Nation.  The movie is what the reviewers say about it -- tragic comedy.  Some of the "funny" parts are also excruciatingly painful.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  It is a movie about all of us.  And it accomplished that feat with the story line of a family that owns 25,000 acres of pristine land on the island of Kauai.  And that seems odd and brilliant to me.

This week I will also go see The Artist and Hugo.  Alfred Nobel is playing at the arty cinema so I'll add that to the list as well.  I have yet to see the Help but I suppose I should to complete the Oscar nominated list.

I don't feel too depressed about the loss this morning.  I think missing the game and removing myself from the hoopla was a healthy exercise for me..  It's a game.  Sounds cliche but just making it there is a big accomplishment.  I still love my Pats and our gladiator game but that emotion is more tempered than it was in the two weeks leading up to the BIG game.  I'm a mental case.  There is so much more tell.

At the sale this weekend, a reiki practitioner, who was told by my business partner I was suffering from a tooth ache, put her hands on my head and my shoulders and told me I take on too much -- that I try to make everyone happy, that I needed to take care of myself.  She also told me there was a male spirit guide surrounding me.  I guess it is my Pop.  I dunno, I should consult the crystals.

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