Friday, January 20, 2012

redemption in the USA

Noot was banging someone other than his then-wife while trying to impeach Slick Willie for lying about not having sexual relations with some young intern.  Noot says his affair was basically because of his love of country.  Willy basically said "who cares about what I do with my cigars -- it's the Economy Stupid."  Christians were freaking out -- Character means Everything.

President Obama is, by all accounts, a dedicated family man.  A man full of good, clean character.

The folks on the Right say President Obama and the Dems hang out with "Intelligent, Elitists"

Mitt's named after the dude that owns Marriot hotels -- a good friend (best really) of his downtrodden Pop who was CEO of American Motors.  Mitt is worth billions.  But -- he's obviously not elite.  His money needs that sunlight to grow in the Caymans.

Of course, evangelical Christians love them some Noot and the Corporations are salivating for a confused Mitt who can't keep his opinions straight, like his teeth -- it's the battle, the need to get that horrible guy out of zee Should Always Be Very White, White House.

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