Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Politics Anonymous

Politics are bringing me way down (again).  I need to put them away somewhere.  I can't bear the thought of Romney/Christie -- I can't bear the thought of all those young kids being brainwashed by Ron Paul (doesn't he understand there is a Congress?).

Did anyone see that in Georgia they used slavery references in math word problems?  The teachers thought it was a good mixing of disciplines as they were studying slavery in social studies.  Did you see those math questions?  Fuck.  My kids went to a charter school where they did that sort of thing successfully -- we never had math problems that asked how many beatings a person might  get in a day.... Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.

I need a political hiatus.

I think it is Elvis Presley's birthday -- or nearabouts.  Elvis reminds me of my Pop.  I dreamed about him the other day-- my Pop that is.  It was so real.   In the dream I was lost (though the street in the dream was where I grew up).  He pulled up next to me in a car and rolled down the window -- and smiled and smiled like he did.  He didn't need to say a word.  He was rescuing me.

When I tried to talk about it with my mother -- I cried.   I don't talk about him too much.  It makes me too sad.   I think that's the reason.  

There are lots of Elvis songs I love. I love young black leather clad Elvis and I love portly white jump suit Elvis.

I've got one of these

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