Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 17 (Day 16 will have to wait)

Day 17

"Meshes of the Afternoon"

“.......time is built into her body in the sense of becomingness.”

                   Maya Deren 

Helen, we must talk directly now --
do you understand 
at all 
what you are? 

Your slender footed beauty 
and perfect face, the pearl luster of your cheeks 

you are unnecessary, not essential 
at all 
to human survival -- 
like Love itself

how I have fallen. 

This cruelty I speak is not meant to bring you pain
but freedom – can you feel it?  

my Helen who has lived too long 
ensconced in white stone.

Come with me now
to the slums of the Kathputli Colony 
allow your hair to be infused with the smell of curry 
and slaughtered cow.  Laugh with me 
at the sword swallowers 
and stilt walkers 

take off your ivory dress
and forget that the ocean is pretty
it is only its immensity that makes it so 
its depth a deathly mystery 

“I feel your closeness like a shot gun” 
Helen of my own soul, slay the beast, let the wrinkles come.  

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cafe selavy said...

freedom and pain, the existential choice. time's logic, however, is unavoidable. only art.