Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 14 & 15

Struggling - too mentally busy last few days to have time to find poems -- only fragments
and dusty pieces of stories ...

my apologies 

April 15

hieroglyph 3

A Berber of Kabylie 
her head wrapped in linen 
blew in with the Sirocco 

They call her "tribeswoman"
she seems more a girl --

doll lashes
like black sun spray fringe
wet riverstone eyes 
set in a Helen's face. 

after Emile Frechon 

April 14

hieroglyph 2

Thetis, in a pink bikini,
pedaling her purple bike 
on the Atlantic City Boardwalk,
thump thump the wheels on the wood.

Just up from the sea, her skin in the sun
sprinkled with diamonds. 

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cafe selavy said...

Summer girls. I couldn't be more attracted.