Monday, April 6, 2009

Catching up on Day 5 too.  


V. Elegy for Euphorion 

I hold night in my hands
turn the sea with my finger

Sapphira, Helena, Jezebel
my sister.  Die Mutter, the Witches.

Do I dare disturb the Universe?
Bring David to his marbled knees

open a carpet of crocus across the once barren lawn
and set the baby birds' throats to wailing O's?

Gather up my amulets, my book of sigils, summon
the sirens, the symbols and Sybil

I hear a new boy has tired of his searching 
the time is now to revel at the sign of the Brocken spectre. 

Day 6

The Lover 

IV.  Elegy for Euphorion 

//say "Nades, Suradis, Maniner"
and a dijinn will appear; tell the dijinn "Sader, Prostas, Solaster,"
and the dijinn will bring you your true love."//

from the Black Pullet Grimoire

The Lover binds the heart
like a Chinese mountain mother binds
her daughter's small feet --
spancelled, an animal hobbled by each days glossy thread.

I don't know if I like this amber-eyed inamorato thieving my freedom 
I don't know if the knots you make are tight enough -- I don't know 
tell me, are you in service to the devil?


cafe selavy said...

said it. no djinn, no genie, no specter. i have no magic.

"don't worry," he says, "you won't disturb the universe."

Lute said...

from Clemintine Homilies:

Chapter X.-Faustus Explains His Narrative to Peter.

Peter seeing this, said: "Are you Faustus, the husband of this woman, and the father of her children? "And he said: "I am." And Peter said: "How, then, did you relate to me your own history as if it were another's; telling me of your toils, and sorrow, and burial? "And our father answered: "Being of the family of Caesar, and not wishing to be discovered, I devised the narrative in another's name, in order that it might not be perceived who I was. For I knew that, if I were recognised, the governors in the place would learn this, and recall me to gratify Caesar, and would bestow upon me that former prosperity to which I had formerly bidden adieu with all the resolution I could summon. For I could not give myself up to a luxurious life when I had pronounced the strongest condemnation on myself, because I believed that I had been the cause of death to those who were loved by me."24