Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sexual Objectification

Apparently if you are a woman and participate on the show Dancing with the Stars, you should not be upset or surprised that a strange man films you naked through your hotel peep door window.   And 10 million dollars is too much money to sue for damages.  And she's an awful reporter.

This is what I heard on the Boston sports radio station I listen to in the morning.  Well, it was something close to that.  Something about Erin Andrews dancing with her "ass up in the air" on Dancing with the Stars and therefore she isn't "really upset or damaged" by the guy who filmed her naked without her knowing it at a Marriott hotel and posted it to the internet.  A Marriott hotel that gave out information about her staying at the location and rented the filmer a room right next door to hers.

The two men radio show hosts said these sort of things.  A few days ago they were asking for the castration of Jerry Sandusky because of the charges being brought up against him.  

Is it just me?  Shit.  I know innocent children and stuff but really?  Are women THAT much below the sexual food chain?

Of course these are the same guys that bash the Occupy Wall Streeters.  Why do I continue to listen?  I may not.  I can get the sports news I want from other sources.  I don't think I want to continue to give those guys ratings.  I know, I know, I'm simply a small fish in the big pond of listeners but it is really the only way I know how to protest.  I did call the station about the Occupy Wall Street bashing -- the woman I was directed to said "Well, I wish they'd talk more about the Patriots and not the Red Sox after all it is football season..."  So I'm not sure how far my complaint got -- but I did at least call.  I simply stated I listen to the station for SPORTS news not POLITICS.  If I wanted to listen to politics I'd turn the dial.

I'm bothered by what I heard yesterday.  In my ears it sounded just like "well if you wear a low cut shirt how could the rapist resist?"  Even a few female callers said "She got famous after the incident in the hotel ... no one knew who she was before that."  So therefore what?   Crimes against her should go unpunished?

I know that is a bit hyperbolic  but listening to those people yesterday made me wonder about the real progression of equality for women.    No not equality necessarily I suppose -- basic respect?  I'm sure 10 million dollars is a ridiculous amount of money for the suit.  But that isn't really the point of this.  (Honestly, I don't know what the point is ... writing into cyberspace).  Sigh.

On a forum at an online site I participate in, I posted something similar about the first Herman Cain accuser and how some of the public were reacting to her accusations.... a man contributed to the thread with a comment close to "Men lust after women it is just the way it is...."

I'm not a hyper feminist -- really.   I'm don't even think I qualify as a feminist.  I'm just a Libra interested in the balancing of scales.  I totally believe if a woman or man wants to be a stripper or a prostitute or pose nude etc. and the deal is on their terms -- more power to them.  

Ah. Never mind.  This is silly.  I'm going to go stare at photos of Tom Brady to make myself feel better.

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